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  • Support animals in need Service Dog on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update
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It started as a child, basically my story is maybe another mission, just try to do what I think is good, right and what testifies ... First I sold an apartment in Prague separated by my grandmother and bought a house outside to help me better and there was more to it than just the weather in the apartment, ferries, etc. But the animals that people drove to me or were in distress were increasing, and I realized that the mini-house with a pididvoreček was another best choice.

So I decided to sell and buy something bigger, more nature and solitude. So I got a plot of land near the forest, where I had a small wooden building built. Although we do not have a post office there, garbage collectors, the bus is 2 km, the terrain is rough, the winter is harsh, commuting to work is even more difficult, but it is a piece of paradise.

It's challenging, because in addition to dogs and cats (often sick, old, problems, etc.) I also take care of farm animals also saved and go to work, where I actually just sit at a table with a PC as a person ... :) So here I also try to catch up with administration, accounting, clouds of emails and requests, questions and requests for adoption and individual animals, contracts, site administration and so on, so you can probably imagine. And all this with a partial invalid pension, either my meningitis damaged my hearing, unfortunately permanently (from a tick), so so. So at least I work in healthcare and help people with a similar fate, a social worker in a non-profit organization used to be very, very low paid (I was still a beautician). Well, I make Animal in Need completely free of charge. Out of good will and love for animals.

Kateřina Šimková

Předsedkyně Zvíře v tísni, z. s.

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• Upload a screenshot of your completed activity, photo of your smartwatches or you can be creative and create a video including your result. Use any other Fitness Apps tracking your progress (such as Strava, Garmin, Nike+, Adidas Running, Runtastic, Mapy and others…) of the virtual running challenge.


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We’re checking completed challenges every day. Sending the medal in the beginning of every week. When you will receive it depends on your location and the courier. On average it should be 7-14 days up to one month when dispatching abroad (sending from Czech Republic).

It is up to you. You can Run, Jog, Walk, Cycle, Wheelchair, Swim, Row or any other method.

Yes if you want to invite more people to the challenge. But remember every person has to complete his challenge with his own profile.  Then link the user name to the e-mail from which the order was made. You can link it with the Form to Complete the Challenge.

As long as you need. You can complete it the very first day or even a year after registration. You will not lose the right to the medal.

No, you have to earn it for your performance. Use it as your own inspiration. So it is necessary to complete the challenge first to receive it.